Finding the calm, raising a toast, searching (fruitlessly) for postcards


Did you know that if you hold a session called “Women & Wine” men automatically know it’s not meant for them?

It’s true, and it was kind of a nice change of pace. Beth Cox-Hollingsworth reminded us all to take a moment to find the calm in our lives, something that is especially true in the hectic HME industry.

I am happy to report I regularly make time for some quiet calm, often with glass of (white) wine in hand; I have to. With Type 1 diabetes, I am well aware that stress is the enemy of us all.

The event also served as the setting to announce the new VGM HME Woman of the Year Award. The award is the brainchild of none other than new-ish CEO Mike Mallaro, who recognizes that women are often under-recognized and under-rewarded. Mike made an appearance—in video—at the session to talk about the award and its importance.

Know someone you’d like to nominate? Yourself? Do it here.

The new award and the new session are just two ways in which the folks at VGM are keeping Heartland fresh. The event is in its 15th year and it’s still pulling in first time attendees. I spoke to a few at lunch today, including an RT (48-year career so far) who is newer to the industry and needed CEUs. Another is a 23-year manager of a medical supplier who has recently taken on the mantle of sales manager—something that hadn’t existed previously at her company. She was here to learn anything and everything she could about sales and marketing.

Although VGM is a big deal in Waterloo, and the Heartland Conference is a big deal in the industry, shockingly my cab driver was in the dark.

“What are you in town for?” asked he.

“Heartland,” answered I, using the industry shorthand.

“Is that a church?” asked he.

Anyhow, today was our final day here at the conference and one thing we couldn’t find? Postcards! Anywhere!