Higher than ever


With the better part of half a year now behind us (where did it go???), I thought I’d dig into Google Analytics and see what the most read stories have been so far this year.

It’s not the first time we do these lists. We do them on a yearly basis for sure, but often I’ll make lists bi-annually or even quarterly to take the temperature of what’s most important to the HME industry.

Obviously, competitive bidding has been a recurring topic in the most read stories for years. So is what the larger providers are up to.

And it’s no different this year, with this list, which covers Jan. 1 through June 15. Eight of the top 10 stories deal with competitive bidding, and the other two deal with larger providers.

What is different: The higher-than-ever level of frustration and anxiety, and the higher-than-ever level of action.

Will frustration/anxiety + action = change? It will be interesting to see what the next six months of top stories have in store.

One thing that surprises me about this list, by the way: There aren’t any stories that deal with audits. If competitive bidding is enemy No. 1, audits are enemy No. 2. But with pricing spreading nationwide last year, I think competitive bidding—and the industry—has come to a head.

Top 10 most read stories (Jan. 1 through June 15)

Tougher times ahead: Impact of rate cuts pile up

CMS adds teeth to bid program

HME infrastructure crumbles

‘Right this wrong,’ providers tell CMS

CMS does ‘whatever it wants,’ say frustrated stakeholders

Stakeholders stand ready to change bid program, with Price’s help

Pacific Pulmonary settles for $11.4M

Uncertainty kills Teijin’s bid for US HME market

Caught on tape: Criticism of bid program mixed in with criticism of Obamacare

Bid relief needs adjustment, stakeholders say