What’s your 12,365?


Imagine if you never forgot a person’s name ever again? How much easier could that make your life? That was the talk at today’s opening session at Heartland 2016.The session was called “Welcome to Your Brain” and it was about training your memory. A trained memory, according to keynote speaker Bob Gray, can enhance your business and your relationships and your business relationships.

“You can remember anything as long as it’s associated to something else in your life,” he told attendees. “I have yet to come across a business that cannot work better and more effectively through better recall.”

(I’m gonna inject here and just say, training or not, Mr. Gray has some sort of out-of-this-world-genius-robot memory, as demonstrated by a few fun exercises that had us riveted.)

Just to use our own myopic HME industry view of the world, we could all use memory association to sort out which round of competitive bidding included what categories, in which areas and started when. Am I right?

“Find your 12,365,” says Gray. “It has to be ridiculous.”

I also sat in on sessions on Google and AutoPay, both of which point the way to new ways of thinking, of doing business, of staying not only afloat but relevant and profitable.

But that’s why you’re all here, right?

I also attended the Washington Legislative update. While we were teased with breaking news (thanks, Jay Witter, you know how to get a reporter to stick around til the bitter end), there wasn’t anything specific per se that came out of today’s session, but judging by all the messages Witter seemed to be getting (from THE HILL!) point to something big happening, immediately if not sooner (as my dad used to say).

Reading between the lines, I’d say we’re looking for movement on the two bid bills, which by the way are at 32 cosponsors for the Senate bill and 103 for its House companion.

Well, something big needs to happen and it needs to happen fast, because Congress breaks for the summer on June 24. That’s ten days, people.

And that 12,365? It’s not only the number of months and days in the year, it’s the same height as Mt. Fuji. That’s merely one example of memory association.