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Diabetes research: One Drop, Abbott


One Drop has announced the results of a study demonstrating a -0.93 absolute A1c improvement among people with Type 2 diabetes who use its digital therapeutic solution and Afrezza, an inhaled insulin.

One Drop eases self-management


NEW YORK – One Drop has launched Personal Diabetes Assistant, a new approach, it says, to supporting people with diabetes in their day-to-day self-management.

Solera Health adds health department to roster


PHOENIX – Solera Health has added the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment in Olathe, Kan., to its network of diabetes providers.

Companion Medical launches insulin pen app


SAN DIEGO – Companion Medical has launched the Android version of its InPen App, a smart insulin pen system that helps users manage dosages and provides reports that display aggregated glucose, insulin and meal data.

Shutdown and HME: StripSupply offers free diabetes testing supplies


BOSTON – StripSupply will be waiving monthly subscription fees for both diabetes test strips and lancets for federal employees affected by the government shutdown.

OIG: Handful of strips dominated Medicare mail-order market


WASHINGTON – The top two strips accounted for 53% of the Medicare mail-order market, and the top 10 strips accounted for 98% of the market, according to a new report from the Office of Inspector General.

Ascensia partners with CGM maker


BASEL, Switzerland – Ascensia Diabetes Care is partnering with Zhejiang POCTech, Co., a manufacturer of continuous glucose monitoring systems, to serve as its exclusive distributor in 13 markets.

Solera adds GemCare to network


PHOENIX – Solera Health has added Ohio-based GemCare Wellness to its national network of diabetes providers.

Insulin use to increase, study finds


NEW YORK – The amount of insulin required to treat Type 2 diabetes is expected to increase by more than 20% from 2018 to 2030, according to a new study published in The Lancet.

‘We will continue to talk to Congress,’ diabetes group says


YARMOUTH, Maine – Medicare’s mail-order program for diabetes testing supplies has decimated the industry, shutting out suppliers and drastically cutting reimbursement.