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Round 2019

Just say no?

Monday, April 23, 2018

During a round of many calls last week, I spoke with someone who attended Medtrade Spring last month who spoke with someone else in-the-know about Medicare’s competitive bidding program. They discussed the question everyone wants answered: What. Will. Happen. Next?

Round 2019: ‘Unfeasible if CMS sticks to business as usual’


WASHINGTON – It’s becoming less and less likely that CMS will make its target implementation date for Round 2019, industry stakeholders say.

Round 2019 remains a mystery

‘That it’s taking this long for them to make another announcement means there are changes being made’

WASHINGTON – HME providers shouldn’t be worried that they’re closing in on one year before the launch of Round 2019 of competitive bidding and they don’t have any details on how CMS plans to proceed, stakeholders say.

Round 2019 improves process, but providers wait and see


YARMOUTH, Maine – With Round 2019 of the competitive bidding program on hold indefinitely, providers like Woody O’Neal say they’re holding off doing any prep work for submitting bids, when and if it goes forward.

Providers cheer bid delay

‘It needs to be replaced with a whole new program that actually works,’ wrote one respondent to recent HME Newspoll

YARMOUTH, Maine – CMS’s recent decision to temporarily delay Round 2019 of competitive bidding has given HME providers a ray of hope that substantive changes will be made to the program.

Stakeholders stand ready to change bid program, with Price’s help

The broad underlying statute governing the program gives complete discretion to the administration, they point out

WASHINGTON – CMS’s decision to temporarily delay Round 2019 of competitive bidding could mean a revamp of the program, now that Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., is taking the helm at the Department of Health and Human Services, say industry stakeholders.

CMS taps the brakes on Round 2019


WASHINGTON – CMS has decided to temporarily delay Round 2019 of competitive bidding to give the new administration the chance to review the program.

CMS adds teeth to bid program


WASHINGTON – After several rounds of the competitive bidding program now under its belt, CMS has implemented improvements to Round 2019 that could curb the ongoing race to the bottom, say industry stakeholders.