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BodiMetrics gets its name out there

BodiMetrics gets its name out there

ringMANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. – BodiMetrics is ramping up exposure for its CIRCUL Sleep & Fitness Ring by partnering with VGM & Associates and exploring an advertising campaign in Prevention Magazine. 

The Ring, which is Bluetooth-connected to a user’s smart phone, can be used for everything from tracking overnight sleep to monitoring daytime SpO2 and heart rate to recording workouts, making it ideal for monitoring CPAP and other therapies, says Jim Gilkison, vice president of sales. 

“It’s a huge market with huge applications,” he said. “We are doing a direct-to-consumer play through Hearst, (which owns Prevention Magazine), but also a DME provider play through VGM to ensure that patient therapy is effective. Telemedicine means different things to different people, but for us, it’s having information that’s easy for doctors, caregivers and patients to see. It really plugs the patient into their therapy, so they can see the results and take care of themselves.” 

BodiMetrics launched a new model of the Ring in May, the CIRCUL Plus, that also records temperature, as well as blood pressure and ECG data. Additionally, it has a 20-hour battery, is USB rechargeable and is waterproof.  

The company has also secured approval for the Ring for purchases through Flexible Spending Accounts and is in the process of securing approval for the device by Veterans Affairs. 

“We’re already doing studies right now with the VA, as well as the University of Florida, on how pigmentation of skin isn’t an issue with the CIRCUL Ring because it reads on the inside of the finger,” Gilkison said. “So, there is no disparity in oximetry readings in Caucasian people and people of color.” 

Up next for BodiMetrics: an orb that can be placed above a patient’s bed to “monitor the patient without touching the patient,” Gilkison said. 

“When you incorporate this with the Ring, it will be a solid way to get feedback for your patient,” he said. 

Gilkison joined BodiMetrics earlier this year from SoClean, a company that also leveraged both the DTC and B2B markets. 

“We’ve been strong clinically, with our advisory board including people like Meir Kryger, M.D., (a professor of medicine at Yale School of Medicine), who is the father of sleep medicine,” he said. “But when it came to the market and awareness, we needed to get our name out there. That’s why the partnership with VGM and the advertising is so important.” 


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