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In brief: Connected Care leader, ResMed survey, Masimo partnership 

In brief: Connected Care leader, ResMed survey, Masimo partnership 

AMSTERDAM – Royal Philips has appointed Julia Strandberg as chief business leader of its Connected Care businesses, including sleep and respiratory care, effective April 24, 2023. 

Strandberg, who was most recently chief commercial officer for Pear Therapeutics, will also become a member of the company’s Executive Committee, reporting to CEO Roy Jakobs. 

“Julia brings deep, multi-disciplinary expertise, including in informatics and monitoring, to Philips,” Jakobs said. “Passionate about improving the health care experience for patients and providers across care settings, Julia understands how to deliver in the global health care ecosystem and adds extensive experience in developing and commercializing medical technologies.” 

Strandberg succeeds Dan Leonard, who took the role of chief business leader of Connected Care on an interim basis when Jakobs became CEO in October 2022. 

At Pear Therapeutics, Strandberg lead the commercial team that built, launched and grew the company’s prescription digital therapeutics offering. Previously, she led a health care business consulting firm focused on client growth; led the global health informatics and monitoring business at Medtronics; and led marketing for the patient monitoring business within Covidien’s respiratory and monitoring group, which was acquired by Medtronics. As of April 1, the Connected Care businesses will comprise the monitoring, sleep and respiratory care, and enterprise informatics businesses. 

HealthKeeperz scales back to scale up 

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. – HealthKeeperz has signed an agreement to sell its home health business to BAYADA Home Health Care. 

HealthKeeperz will continue to serve North Carolina communities with hospice care, home medical equipment and supplies, and case management services. 

“The transition of our home health services is an evolution in HealthKeeperz's commitment to providing quality health care to the southeastern region of North Carolina," said HealthKeeperz President Tim Brooks. "By partnering with BAYADA, we can concentrate on the areas of health care where we have long-term strategies to scale and innovate, such as hospice care. We are grateful for the continued trust placed in HealthKeeperz by our local communities, and we look forward to the positive impacts that BAYADA will bring alongside the HealthKeeperz team to our neighbors and friends.” 

HealthKeeperz, founded in 1966, is part of an integrated health system. It offers end-of-life care across North Carolina through a team of 150-plus caregivers. 

Per the agreement, HealthKeeperz’s Fayetteville and Laurinburg home health locations will transition to BAYADA locations, helping BAYADA, which is headquartered in Philadelphia, care for more clients across North Carolina. 

"BAYADA is thrilled at the opportunity to partner with HealthKeeperz to continue their strong commitment to the North Carolina community and to continue to grow in this region," said David Baiada, CEO of BAYADA. "We look forward to welcoming the HealthKeeperz Home Health staff and patients into the BAYADA family, and to work together through this mission-aligned partnership to continue to improve health care outcomes in our region." 

HealthKeeperz and BAYADA expect to complete the transition by the spring of 2023.  

ResMed survey: ‘Have honest discussion with your provider about your sleep’ 

SAN DIEGO – Despite the majority of respondents reporting they wake up with symptoms of poor sleep, one-third (33%) have not been tested for sleep apnea or sought medical help for other sleep conditions because they don’t believe they have sleep-related medical conditions, according to ResMed's 2023 Global Sleep Survey. 

Additionally, 49% of respondents said their doctor has never asked them proactively about their sleep quality, the survey found. 

“Prioritizing sleep is one of the most effective ways to improve your health, and poor sleep can increase the risk of diabetes, obesity, heart disease and depression,” said Carlos M. Nunez, M.D., chief medical officer for ResMed. “It’s critical to have an honest discussion with your health care provider about your sleep habits and seek help if you’re experiencing patterns or symptoms of poor sleep as it could point to a more concerning health issue or sleep disorder such as sleep apnea.” 

The 2023 Global Sleep Survey, conducted in conjunction with National Sleep Awareness Week (March 12-18) and World Sleep Day (March 17), asked more than 20,000 respondents from 12 countries during January 2023 about the quantity and quality of their sleep, bedtime routines and sleep habits. 

Other findings from the survey include: 

  • Respondents from India (84%), Mexico (69%) and China (66%) are most satisfied with their quantity of sleep, while those in Australia (47%), Japan (46%) and the UK (45%) are the least satisfied with the quantity of their sleep. 

  • 8 in 10 respondents reported one or more symptoms of sleep disruption related to sleep quality; Mexico (87%), France (87%) and South Korea (85%) had the highest rates of reported symptoms, while Japan (60%) had the lowest. 

  • 43% of Millennials report using a sleep tracker to keep records of their sleep patterns and quality of sleep, higher than Gen Z (35%), Gen X (28%), Boomers (15%) and the Silent Generation (7%). 

  • 60% of women report being satisfied with their quantity of sleep (the least of any gender), compared to 68% of men and 65% of nonbinary respondents. Women (83%) and nonbinary (94%) respondents were more likely to say they have at least one symptom of poor sleep compared to men (79%). 

InfuSystem reports top-line growth of 9% in Q4 

ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich. – InfuSystem Holdings reported net revenues of $28.8 million and $109.9 million, respectively, for the fourth quarter and full year 2022. 

For the quarter, gross profit was $16.1 million, and gross margin was 55.8%; for the full year, gross profit was $62.6 million, and gross margin was 56.9%. Adjusted EBITDA for the full year was $20.7 million, a decrease of 14% vs. the prior year. 

“We had a highly productive year in 2022 with solid performance achieving record revenue for the fourth consecutive year of $110 million and developing key strategic partnerships laying strong foundations for the future,” said Richard Dilorio, CEO. “All of our core businesses remain strong, as our growth opportunities in pain and biomedical services continue to gain measurable results.”  

InfuSystem reported top-line growth of 9% for the fourth quarter, driven by 15% growth in DME and 5% growth in Integrated Therapy Services, which included its Pain Management business. 

“Our Pain Management business within ITS finished the year on a strong note with growth of 45% for the fourth quarter,” said Dilorio. “This is especially gratifying given our team had to overcome significant headwinds that included lingering COVID-related issues and supply chain challenges during the first half of the year, which had a material impact on our ability to onboard new customers and provide patient treatments.” 

For full year 2023, InfuSystem anticipates revenue growth to be in the range of 8% to 10%, and adjusted EBITDA margin to be greater than 19%. 

Allied Healthcare launches strategic initiative 

ST. LOUIS – Allied Healthcare Products, Inc., a manufacturer of medical gas construction equipment, respiratory therapy equipment, home healthcare products and emergency medical supplies, will implement strategic transformation initiatives intended to improve operational effectiveness to better serve customers and help drive growth and profitability.  

As part of the plan, the company’s board of direction appointed Akash Amin as president and chief restructuring office and Mark Welch as vice president and assistant chief restructuring officer. Akash and Mark, both of MorrisAnderson & Associates, Ltd., a financial and operational consulting firm, have served as AHP's outside advisers for five months.  

“Akash and Mark are proven leaders with distinguished track records of leading companies through organizational change and executing strategies to enhance operational effectiveness and create additional value for all stakeholders,” said John Weil, AHP's chairman of the board. "Over the past several months in advisory roles, they have executed many initiatives to strengthen operations, improve cash flow, increase shipping efficiencies, and transform AHP into a more focused, growth-driven, sustainable business. We are confident that under their leadership, we can continue to advance those successes and realize the substantial opportunities for the future of AHP." 

AHP has a successful 60+ year history of manufacturing FDA-approved respiratory medical devices and immobilization products used in medical facilities and emergency care vehicles worldwide. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company endured supply chain disruptions, a ransomware attack, an oversupply of ventilators in the market, and operational inefficiencies. 

Cardinal Health to install Swisslog Automation Solution 

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. – Cardinal Health will install a Swisslog Automation Solution within its new at-Home Solutions distribution center in Grove City, Ohio. The facility is part of the at-Home Solutions business' multi-year strategy to increase warehouse capacity to accommodate its rapid growth. The AutoStore solution, empowered by Swisslog, has 31,844 storage bins providing 83,000 cubic feet of storage for 14,154 SKUs. The solution operates on synchronized intelligence from Swisslog's SynQ software, which provides warehouse management, material flow and automation control system functionality in a single, modular platform that integrates seamlessly with host systems and other warehouse software. The software is engineered to be the heart and brain of automated warehousing and logistics systems, driving peak performance of the AutoStore solution. This will be the first Cardinal Health distribution center to feature AutoStore, making warehouse employees' jobs less physically demanding. Because the robots bring products directly to employees for packing and shipping, they help decrease human error and bring more speed to order fulfillment. "Working with Swisslog to equip our facility with market-leading robotic automation technology like AutoStore further enhances our ability to quickly and efficiently get critical supplies and products to patients when and where they need it most," said Rob Schlissberg, president, Cardinal Health at-Home Solutions. "As we work to accommodate the growth we're seeing as a business, we're taking critical steps – such as working with Swisslog – to ensure our facilities are modernized and our supply chain is as resilient and strong as possible." 

BFLOW integrates with Parachute on Monterey edition  

FRESNO, Calif. and PRINCETON, N.J. - BFLOW Solutions has launched the Monterey edition of its software platform, featuring full integration with Parachute Health’s ePrescribing solution. By tapping into a network of 320,000 health care providers who use the Parachute Platform to prescribe DME equipment digitally, “we are providing a significant revenue opportunity for our user base,” said Ted Jones, president and CEO of BFLOW. “Additionally, the need for digital transformation and to move away from manual, in-person, and fax-based processes are much-needed improvements and virtually impossible without products like Parachute Health.” With the BFLOW + Parachute integration, doctor’s offices, nursing homes, and hospice and home health agencies that use systems like PointClickCare, EPI or Cerner can send orders directly to BFLOW customers along with the documentation to prove medical necessity with a few clicks. BFLOW automatically returns delivery and order status back to the providers in real time.  

Belun receives FDA clearance for sleep system 

HONG KONG - Belun Technology has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration 501(k) clearance for its next-generation Belun Sleep System, a photoplethysmography-based wearable ring to detect obstructive sleep apnea. Belun received FDA clearance for its first-generation ring in 2018. “We hope to facilitate home sleep tests for identifying undiagnosed OSA,” says Belun CEO Lydia Leung, PhD. “Research shows sleep health is critical for the overall immune system and treatment effectiveness of chronic diseases.” Belun is developing a sleep health index based on its medical-grade wearable, AI and big data analytics to enhance public awareness and understanding of sleep. Users can learn, for example, how their sleep quality will be affected by their daily habits like exercise and their environment (e.g. air pollution index and medication). Belun has teamed with global partners to customize solutions for local communities in different countries, including sleep labs in the United States.  

Baxter announces vent correction 

DEERFIELD, Ill. – Baxter International has issued an urgent medical device correction for the Life2000 ventilation system due to the potential for patient oxygen desaturation (low blood oxygen) events that may occur under certain conditions when the system is connected with a third-party oxygen concentrator. Low oxygen saturation may lead to symptoms like shortness of breath, confusion, rapid heart rate or bluish skin. Among the most vulnerable patients, death, life-threatening events or permanent impairment may occur if lower oxygen levels are not recognized. Scenarios that could lead to oxygen desaturation include hoses that are kinked or have excessive moisture; modified, extended or loose/disconnected tubing; oxygen liter flow from the concentrator that has fallen below the prescribed level while using the system; and/or non-compliance with recommended cleaning and maintenance of the system and oxygen concentrator. Baxter has received reports of patient desaturation that required hospitalization; however, based on analysis to date, no deaths have been reported related to this issue. As described in the Urgent Medical Device Correction issued on Jan. 25, 2023, patients can continue to use the Life2000 system if they follow daily checks and preventive maintenance requirements as detailed in the patient letter and Instructions for use for both the Life2000 Ventilation System and third-party oxygen concentrators. Baxter continues to monitor and investigate reports received and is currently investigating opportunities for improvement. It will issue a follow-up letter to patients to communicate further details on the actions being taken to address this issue. FMI:

Masimo partners with health system to advance care 

IRVINE, Calif., and PHILADELPHIA – Masimo and Temple Health have entered a strategic collaboration with an emphasis on advancing the forefront of remote patient monitoring and telehealth, as well as automating high quality care. The collaboration amy include the use of the Masimo W1 advanced health tracking watch; the Radius VSM tetherless, multimodal patient monitor; and Masimo Hospital Automation solutions like UniView, UniView:60, Halo ION and Sepsis Index for Patient SafetyNet. “We are delighted to expand our relationship with Temple Health through this innovation collaboration, and to work hand in hand to explore how Masimo’s monitoring, connectivity, and automation technologies, alongside Temple Health’s clinical expertise, can bring safe, easy-to-use, high-quality telehealth and remote patient monitoring services to their patients,” said Joe Kiana, founder and CEO of Masimo. “We are committed to improving life, improving patient outcomes, and reducing the cost of care.” Temple Health, a 979-bed academic health system, has collaborated with Masimo since 2008, starting with Masimo SET pulse oximetry. “We are particularly excited by Masimo’s innovations in telehealth, remote patient monitoring, and automation, and how they can help us support improved outcomes for our patients both within and after they have left the hospital,” said Joseph DiMartino, MSN, RN, associate vice president of nursing at Temple University Hospital. 

Spire Health says its patient monitoring tech reduces admissions 

SAN FRANCISCO – Spire Health has published the results of a survey in the International Journal of COPD that shows use of its virtual care system is associated with a reduction in emergency visits and hospital admissions for COPD patients. Use of Spire’s sensing technology for long-term patient monitoring was associated with a significant decrease in all-cause hospitalizations per patient per year (1.09 ± 0.07 to 0.38 ± 0.06, P<0.001) and cardiopulmonary-specific admissions (0.70 ± 0.08 to 0.25 ± 0.05, P<0.001). The number of outpatient pulmonary visits, however, increased (4.22 ± 0.24 to 4.78 ± 0.28, P<0.05), suggesting Spire was redirecting care from acute to less expensive settings. "Results such as these are the reason I recently joined Spire as its new CEO," said Michael J. Doyle, CEO of Spire Health. "Our clients want to live in the comfort of their homes and avoid frequent trips to the emergency room or hospital. For COPD patients, Spire can help make this possible. Because at Spire, every breath counts." The study, which was approved by the Western Institutional Review Board and conducted at a multi-provider pulmonary practice, included 126 COPD patients who had at least one unplanned hospitalization or emergency room visit in the year prior to enrollment. The study had a mean device adherence in the cohort of 88.6% ± 1.1% of days with at least 8 hours of wear time due to, the company says, the ease of use of its Spire Health tag, which easily adheres to clothing and lasts up to 12 months without charging. 

NCPA wraps up first season of ‘Show Me’ 

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – The National Community Pharmacists Association has released the final episode of the first season of its “Show Me” educational reality series. The final episode, “Marketing My Vaccine Program,” takes viewers to Neosho, Mo., where the team at Mitchell’s Drug Stores wants to amp up their marketing efforts to reach a broader audience with its immunization program. “Show Me” coach Nicolette Mathey, PharmD, visits to see if she can help them more efficiently contact current patients with updates and reach new segments of would-be patients within their area. The NCPA Innovation Center announced the “Show Me” project, which is sponsored by Pfizer, at the NCPA Annual Convention in October 2022. All five episodes of the first season are now available on NCPA’s YouTube channel, NCPAvids. The association is actively soliciting ideas and sponsors for the next season of “Show Me.” Interested pharmacists, industry professionals and companies should contact  

BraunAbility donates wheelchair van 

FISHERS, Ind. – BraunAbility, Huntington Bank, Toyota Mobility and Superior Van and Mobility have partnered to donate a brand new wheelchair van to Tracie and Darrell Ridgeway. The van is a 50th anniversary edition BraunAbility Toyota Rampvan with a side-entry foldout ramp and custom lower body striping. “Now Darrel and I will be able to travel places together and make lasting memories,” said Tracie Ridgeway. “We can take our children, grandchildren and parents with us on outings and reconnect. Most importantly, though, it will allow us to do things and enjoy each other while we still can and while I’m still mobile.” Since 2020, Tracie Ridgeway has experienced a gradual loss of muscle strength, resulting in diminished mobility, eventually leading the couple to use services provided by the ALS Association. BraunAbility has organized a series of donations like these to honor its 50 years in business. 

Advanced Infusion Care nets limited distribution contract 

DALLAS – Advanced Infusion Care, a division of AIS Healthcare, now offers GAMMAKED, developed by Kedrion for the treatment of patients with primary humoral immunodeficiency (PI), idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) in adults and children, and chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP) in adults. This new therapy option, offered under a limited distribution contract with Kedrion, expands AIC’s ability to serve immunoglobulin (Ig) infusion patients. “We’re proud to be able to add GAMMAKED to our growing list of Ig infusion therapies,” said Jud Hall, president at AIC. “This therapy from Kedrion can help us provide additional treatment options for our patients.” The nationally accredited home infusion teams at AIC collaborate closely with physicians to provide specialized in-home infusion services. The company says, like all of its patients, those with PI, ITP and CIDP will receive a high level of care, including 24/7 access to clinical and support staff. It assigns every patient a dedicated team of professionals, including clinical pharmacists, infusion nurse specialists and intake managers to provide support throughout the treatment process. The company is dually accredited by URAC and the Accreditation Commission for Health Care. 


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