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Itamar Medical ‘jump starts’ RPM initiatives with Spry Health acquisition 

Itamar Medical ‘jump starts’ RPM initiatives with Spry Health acquisition 

CAESAREA, Israel – Digital health company Itamar Medical plans to buy San Francisco-based Spry Health, which makes a wrist-based remote monitoring solution. 

Spry’s Loop System, a watch-like, home-based device, uses sensing technologies and algorithms that contextualize real-time, continuous physiologic data to flag signs of patient deterioration using bio-markers such as SpO2, respiration rate and heart rate. These three signals, combined with Itamar’s core expertise in Peripheral Arterial Tonometry (PAT), form the foundation for continuous sleep apnea monitoring.  

“As we sought opportunities to build on our vision of expanding sleep apnea diagnostics from a single-night test to continuous remote patient monitoring, we identified the technology commercialized by Spry Health as a perfect fit,” said Gilad Glick, president and CEO of Itamar Medical. “The acquisition of their FDA-cleared, wrist-worn technology and the addition of a knowledgeable pool of selected talented engineers, led by Spry co-founder and CTO Elad Ferber, provides an excellent platform for us to jump start our development initiatives to bring to market a continuous sleep apnea monitoring device to further support chronic disease management, particularly as it contributes to the added burden on cardiovascular disease.” 

Itamar expects to begin development of a new wrist-worn device immediately, with initial market launch timing anticipated in 2022. 

The global RPM market in 2019 was estimated to be approximately $800 million and expected to reach approximately $2 billion in 2027, according to Itamar. 


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