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Medline flexes its respiratory portfolio

Medline flexes its respiratory portfolio ‘(We now provide) one of the most comprehensive and unique respiratory consumable offerings from one source’

Donna MosakowskiNORTHFIELD, Ill. – Medline’s acquisition of the Hudson RCI brand of respiratory products improves the company’s supply chain capabilities and grows its presence internationally, says Donna Mosakowski. 

Here’s what Mosakowski, vice president of Medline’s Respiratory Division, had to say about how the company’s customers will benefit from the acquisition and what its other investment plans are. 

HME News: Why grow the respiratory portfolio through acquisition? 

Donna Mosakowski: The acquisition will let us immediately provide more choices by adding a variety of new products into our respiratory offering, such as the Neptune Heated Humidifier, Comfort Flo Plus High Flow Cannula and Humidification System, and the AQUPAK Prefilled Nebulizers and Humidifiers, along with many other products.  

HME: Medline says the deal strengthens its offerings in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. How has the pandemic affected business? What kind of growth has it seen in its respiratory portfolio in the past year? 

Mosakowski: The COVID-19 pandemic created a tremendous demand for a variety of respiratory consumables. Medline’s ability to support current and new customers during the first waves of the pandemic resulted in significant growth in 2020. By expanding our North America manufacturing footprint with the addition of the respiratory sterile water plant in Arlington Heights, Ill., and the respiratory consumables plant in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, Medline will reduce overall lead times and provide critical respiratory products when they are needed most for our customers. 

HME: Is there any overlap between Medline’s offering and Hudson RCI’s? 

Mosakowski: There is some overlap with our portfolios in the areas of O2 disposable and medication nebulizers. 

HME: How will Medline treat overlapping products? 

Mosakowski: These overlapping products simply mean more choices for our customers. We know it is important to provide a variety of options, including standard or universal O2 tubing connections, and a variety of O2 tubing lengths and kit configurations, so caregivers can provide the best care for their respiratory patients. 

HME: Will Medline keep the Hudson RCI brand name? 

Mosakowski: Absolutely. Hudson RCI is considered the gold standard brand for respiratory supplies used to care for patients across the care continuum, and that tradition will continue as we bring these products into Medline’s portfolio. Pairing our existing portfolio with Hudson RCI products will allow us to better serve the market by providing one of the most comprehensive and unique respiratory consumable offerings from one source. Additionally, Hudson RCI has a strong business around the world. In many of our global locations, we will begin to provide respiratory offerings for the first time once the acquisition is complete. 

HME: Are there other possible deals in Medline’s pipeline? 

Mosakowski: We always explore investments to plan for the future need of health care. The recent announcement of the $1.5 billion Healthcare Resilience Initiative is a good example of how we build out distribution infrastructure, manufacturing, and global supply chain capabilities on a regular basis. 

HME: There have been reports that Medline is exploring a sale – how does this deal better position the company in that process? 

Mosakowski: Medline is pursuing business as usual. The acquisition of Hudson RCI is another example of how Medline continues to invest in the markets that provide potential growth where we also can help health care providers with a more scaled, robust offering. Any activity on a corporate level with possible investors is completely separate from the day-to-day management of the business, including M&A activity.


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