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Patient engagement: Brightree sees healthy mix

Patient engagement: Brightree sees healthy mix

Mike RodriguezPEACHTREE CORNERS, Ga. – Brightree Resupply is conducting more outreach using both digital tools and live calls – a reflection of the company’s approach to meeting patients where they are, says Mike Lorenz. 

“Our resupply outreach on the phone has actually grown 40% over the last two years,” said Lorenz, vice president of Resupply Solutions. “It’s bigger than it has ever been. But more patients are being reached by email, text and app, too. Both things are growing together, and that’s really healthy.” 

Here’s why Lorenz says it’s less important how patients are being reached but that they’re being reached – period. 

HME News: Brightree’s growth in outreach by phone surprises me. 

Mike Lorenz: We have definitely seen some patients shift from phone to electronic, but what we’re seeing more is, there are a lot more patients ordering because they haven’t been reached before. It’s a huge benefit that patients are staying on service longer and receiving more equipment to live healthier lives, and it’s all about making that outreach convenient for patients. 

HME: What kind of infrastructure does Brightree have in place to support the growth in outreach by phone? 

Lorenz: Right now – the number is growing every month – we have more than 150 agents on the phone, servicing over 600,000 patients. We’re pretty excited on those numbers. 

HME: Outreach by phone is clearly more costly – how has that moved the needle in terms of what Brightree offers and what providers use? 

Lorenz: We've seen a number of unexpected benefits that served to reinforce our efforts, as well. One of those is, we’ve been able to reduce the costs to our providers for the live call service, because so many patients are being self-serviced. It doesn’t take as many human resources to serve patients (through email, text or app), so we’re able to lower our prices for the patients who do prefer a live call. Even where costs are higher for live call, we’re paying employees more and charging providers less. 

HME: Will there continue to be a mix of outreach preferences? 

Lorenz: We expect continued growth, and when we bring those patients on, some will love interacting electronically and some will love interacting with our people. It’s not a zero-sum game. If we do well for providers and patients, our business will grow as their business grows.


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