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SuperCare, Optum collaborate on telemonitoring

SuperCare, Optum collaborate on telemonitoring

DOWNEY, Calif. - SuperCare Health has collaborated with Optum to create a COVID-19 telemonitoring program that allows asymptomatic patients to be monitored and to recover in their homes, avoiding unnecessary hospitalizations.

Close respiratory monitoring is vital to setting up alternative care for people who are confirmed for, or potentially have, COVID-19 but who don't require hospitalization, says Dr. Curtis Sather, medical director and pulmonologist at Optum.

“I knew SuperCare Health had the background and the know-how to put something like this together,” he said.

SuperCare leveraged a framework within its iBreathe COPD Readmission Prevention Program that includes a clinical pathway for spot checking SpO2 blood oxygen saturation and capturing responses to daily health monitoring questions based on the Borg dyspnea score and other ADLs, and transmitting that data electronically.

This daily tracking allows SuperCare to intervene in patient care promptly and appropriately, and to work with Optum on ongoing communication and escalations.

“Monitoring is important because when you see someone at one point in the disease, you don't necessarily know its trajectory,” Sather said.

SuperCare describes itself as a high-touch, high-tech, post-acute health care organization that manages chronic care patients and provides a broad range of therapies, including oxygen, ventilation and CPAP/BiPAP.


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