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Verustat takes next steps

Verustat takes next steps Company builds data set, expands care team, diversifies customer base

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. – Verustat is in a position to start collecting data on the impact of its remote patient monitoring solution on health care costs now that it has more than 45 physician groups signed on, says Emmet Seibels. 

“They range from a practice with 50 patients to a larger practice with several hundred, and they’re everywhere from New York City to Lafayette, La.,” said Seibels, president and co-founder. “The stories we’re hearing anecdotally are inspiring and now we’re working on collecting health cost data.” 

Verustat’s RPM solution, which launched in late 2020, provides blood pressure cuffs, weight scales, pulse oximeters and glucose meters from several manufacturers for the daily measurement of vital signs for a per patient, per month fee. 

With physicians stretched thin, Verustat is also in the process of enhancing its team of care coordinators, which has completed 142,000 calls in the past 14 months, with registered nurses, Seibels says. 

“We’re helping physicians respond more quickly without adding work to their staff,” he said. 

Verustat’s go-to-market strategy of enlisting HME providers to introduce its RPM solution to physicians, not to mention help the company facilitate and manage those relationships, has worked out well, Seibels says. Viemed, for example, not only acquired a 5% interest in the company in December 2020 but also connected it with a number of customers.  

“The DME community has been great,” he said. “Viemed helped us partner with an ACO and get into practices nationwide. Another large DME in California helped us get our largest pulmonologist group.” 

Verustat also recently began providing multiple levels of support for decentralized clinical trials (DCT) through its RPM solution, telemedicine visits, medical peripheral hardware sourcing and other offerings. The company’s care coordinators ensure that patients enrolled in the trials receive full training on how to use their medical and mobile devices. 

“We’re leveraging some of our same technology, philosophies and business models into this new market,” Seibels said.


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