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24-Hour Care: Bridge the gap

24-Hour Care: Bridge the gap Q. Why is education important in 24-hour care?

A. Providers play a vital role in the partnership of 24-hour care. By being a knowledgeable equipment resource, you can bridge the gap by providing input and training on equipment used over the 24-hour care period to stakeholders in an individual's care plan.

Most of us have a level of awareness and knowledge about benefits associated with good care and the effects on an individual's respiration, pressure care, safe patient handling, posture and the various equipment solutions associated with undertaking and meeting the care needs of individuals. Education is essential when integrating the various care pathways and assessing the impact of each category.

When considering education and training, focus on the individual and their support network, which may be comprised of family, caregivers and other professionals. Emphasis on joint-working practices with these groups to facilitate focused interventions, and to be inclusive of all the aspects of 24-hour care, is essential to the success of 24-hour care. Without their valuable input and education on products and the solutions they provide, an intervention may not be as successful in achieving the desired outcomes. By providing education and training tailored to the individual's 24-hour care plan in addition to the support network's knowledge of safe working practices and equipment to ensure their own continued health and well-being, better outcomes can be realized.

For effective 24-hour care solutions, consult with all the involved parties and select the education, training and equipment solutions which have a person-centered approach. Intervention undertaken must ensure that a holistic view to improve the individual's quality care and ultimately quality of life.

Additional editorial credit to Lee Ann Hoffman, Seating & Positioning Specialist at Invacare Corporation.


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