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5 days, 5 bidding stories

5 days, 5 bidding stories

I'm about to give you a good reason to make HME News your home page. Or at least check it every day.

Even though we're a monthly publication, we have our HME Newswire each week and, in case you didn't notice, at least one new story on our website each day. This week, we posted a story related to CMS's Aug. 19 announcement on Round 2 of competitive bidding each day. Yup, that's five days and five bidding stories:

Monday: CMS releases Round 2 bidding information

Tuesday: Policy experts on bidding program: 'Good idea gone bad'

Wednesday: It's 'full-steam ahead' for Round 2

Thursday: Bidding marries manual, power wheelchairs

Today: National program could leave small diabetes providers out in the cold

We have a few more stories on competitive bidding in the works, too, so keep an eye on our website next week.

For those of you who think this is over the top, all I have to say is, we have our biggest issue of the year to fill (the October issue, which is the Medtrade show issue).

Non-competitive bidding related story ideas always welcome, of course.

Liz Beaulieu


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