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Accessibility: Become an Internet sensation

Accessibility: Become an Internet sensation

Q. What's a simple way to improve my website for accessibility products?

A. There are many simple ways to improve your website and your general presence on the web. The key is to start somewhere. Don't fall victim to “analysis paralysis” and let uncertainty keep you from moving forward. Here are three basic ideas to get you on the path to becoming an Internet sensation:

Content is king

I know all the finance professionals in your company are grumbling about cash, but the secret to success on the web is having an understanding that, above all else, content is king. Don't overwhelm yourself with trying to understand how search engines operate. Just accept the truth that they work, and they work amazingly well. Search engines are masters of finding relevant content that's being shared and kept current.

Be remarkable

Remarkable content simply means that it is worth remarking. Talk about your products and speak human. We tend to take all of our personality out of the words we write, thinking it sounds more professional. That will only result in people being bored and leaving your site to find more interesting and captivating information.

Brands matter

Don't underestimate the value that a brand can have. When you leverage a leading brand name on your website you will see dramatic results. It's not the number of brands; it's the quality and relevance of brands that your consumers are looking for—those brands they hear about from their neighbors, friends or doctors.

Finally, I'd like to share with you what I believe is the most valuable resource to help build your online presence: Get outside help, if you need it. The hardest part for many people is letting go of what isn't currently working to invest in what will work. You will spend more time and money trying to take a website that wasn't developed for SEO and making it a website that search engines like, than you will calling up professionals and letting them take your content and build your website off their proven platforms.

Megan Schmit is a marketing associate with EZ-Access. She can be reached at [email protected] or 253-249-1108 ext. 2430.


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