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Accreditation: Expand product categories

Accreditation: Expand product categories

Matt GruskinQ. In addition to accreditation, what else can I do to enhance the value and quality of my business?  

A. Now that you’ve earned accreditation, your business is prepared to safely deliver DMEPOS products and, ultimately, drive positive health outcomes for your patients and community. You may be interested in continuing to explore ways to gain a competitive advantage and enhance the credibility of your business. Your accrediting organization can continue to be a trusted resource and guide, as you consider additional opportunities to add value. 

For example, if you’re looking to expand your services and become a comprehensive resource to your community, adding new product categories is a strategy to consider. Tools such as CMS’s Interactive Atlas of Chronic Conditions can help you identify product needs based on the prevalence of chronic conditions among Medicare beneficiaries in your area. If you find yourself referring patients to other providers because you don’t offer a specific service (such as custom-fit orthotics or respiratory care), consider expanding your product categories to meet the needs of those patients.  

As you give thought to expanding your product categories, you may also consider relevant certification opportunities for personnel. Appendices A, B and C of CMS’s Quality Standards outline the various DMEPOS items and services that can be delivered only by specialized staff. You may wish to provide prosthetics or custom-fit orthotics to meet the needs of your community. To safely deliver these services, a credentialed professional such as an orthotist, prosthetist or orthotic fitter is needed. Supporting your staff in pursuit of professional certification demonstrates your investment in their career success. It also differentiates your business in the marketplace and among referral sources, and can be an advantage when negotiating with payers.  

Matt Gruskin is the credentialing director for BOC. Reach him at [email protected] 



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