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Accreditation: Plan carefully to avoid pitfalls

Accreditation: Plan carefully to avoid pitfalls

A. 2019 is a big year for the HME industry when it comes to accreditation renewals and adding product categories to your line of business. Many providers are considering adding new lines of business since the lifting of competitive bidding until January of 2021. Please make sure and be aware that any item you decide to provide needs to be updated with not only your accrediting body but the National Supplier Clearinghouse as well.  If you are in a state that has licensure, you may need to do the change of information with them as well.

It is imperative that you carefully plan for this change as it takes time. Not updating this information could get a provider in hot water. Although Medicare might pay you for that item, you would be breaking a supplier standard and could face recoupments or worse. Each AO has different requirements and time frames.  Some items can be added on easily while others could require another inspection. 

My suggestion is putting someone on your staff in charge of the process or work with a consulting company. Here are the steps you want to put in place:

Contact your accreditation organization to find out what they require for each product you would like to add on. Most have helpful on-line tools and applications on their website. 

Update your policies to make sure all items you are providing have systems and policies in place to comply with all standards.

Check with your state to see if they require a change of information.

Once your new accreditation certificate is received, do your change with the NSC. This can be done on-line with PECOS.

Following these steps will keep you in compliance and allow you to grow and thrive in 2019.

Kelly Wolfe is president of Regency Billing and Consulting. Reach her at [email protected].


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