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ActiveCare ready to 'unlock' growth opportunity

ActiveCare ready to 'unlock' growth opportunity

OREM, Utah - ActiveCare, a diabetes and chronic disease management company, has retained DelMorgan & Co. to serve as its financial adviser, it was announced today.

DelMorgan, an investment banking firm, will advise ActiveCare on strategic plans, including investments, and possible acquisitions, divestitures and joint ventures, according to a release.

“With a substantial sales pipeline and the need to fund working capital for growth, solving ActiveCare's short-term financial challenges should unlock the opportunity for explosive future expansion and substantial profitability,” stated Neil Morganbesser, DelMorgan president and CEO, in the release. “Our goal is to help ensure that capital is available for growth and the company can execute its business plan.”

ActiveCare manages more than 30,000 diabetes patients for nearly 100 employers.

“With over 25 million diabetics and another 79 million pre-diabetics in the United States costing over $245 billion per year—33% of the nation's total healthcare costs—there is tremendous market demand for an approach that has been shown to reduce those costs,” stated Rob Delgado, chairman of Delgado. “ActiveCare has that solution.”

ActiveCare uses “state-of-the-art” meters that allow its CareSpecialists to intervene in real time; and provides around-the-clock support.


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