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Aeroflow’s Sasser on driving innovation

Aeroflow’s Sasser on driving innovation

Kristy SasserKristy Sasser, who recently joined Aeroflow Healthcare as director of corporate accounts, looks forward to working with payers to build patient-centered care programs.  

“We are dedicated to building partnerships that increase member loyalty and programs that elevate our value beyond a traditional DME provider,” she said. “The hallmark of strategic partnerships is to best serve the key operating metrics of health plans, such as improved outcomes.” 

Sasser, who previously worked on the manufacturer side of the medical device market, spoke with HME News recently about health care “heroes” and the future of care. 

HME News: Are you excited about switching from the manufacturer side to the provider side? 
Kristy Sasser: Absolutely, my position as director, corporate accounts, is a small component of reaching the ambitious goals that we are aiming to achieve. As the hospital-to-home model projects upward, we want to continue to be the premier leader in home health care by expanding our offerings and partnerships. We are driven to provide quality products and resources, along with compassionate care.     

HME: What do you see as the future of health care? 
Sasser: Extraordinary technology innovation and increased access to digital care. As a leader in health care, it’s our responsibility to drive this forward. Take the advancement of telehealth over the last 22 months. The onset of COVID-19 forced the evolution and adoption of telehealth platforms and there is data to support the value it’s brought to individuals nationwide. The times we are living in have posed a big challenge to health care access and telehealth is a hero that is breaking down pre-existing barriers. 

HME: One area of focus for you is breastfeeding. Are we seeing more understanding of its benefits? 

Sasser: We need to continue to develop education platforms, so individuals understand the importance of the initiation and continuance of breastfeeding to realize the public health benefits. There is an opportunity to develop systems to guarantee the continuity of skilled lactation support between hospitals and health care settings in the community. All women that choose to breastfeed will benefit once communities, health care providers, employers, government and non-profit organizations implement strategies to improve breastfeeding support.


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