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Aeroflow on track to hit record sales

Aeroflow on track to hit record sales

Looking at the numbers, it's no surprise that Aeroflow Healthcare landed on this year's Inc. 5000 list for the first time, coming in at No. 3,089.

In 2014, the provider reported revenues of $41.2 million, hired an additional 90 employees, and experienced a three-year growth rate of 112%, according to the magazine.

“So far this year, we're well on track to break goals,” said CEO Casey Hite.

First and foremost, Hite credits employees and the company culture for Aeroflow's success.

“We don't do anything different,” he said. “The products we provide and the way we market those products are very, very similar to the rest of the industry, but we have a highly motivated group of employees that love what they do. The staff is really driving our success.”

Founded in 2001, Aeroflow has gradually expanded its product selection to include oxygen, CPAP, nebulizers, mobility equipment and breast pumps. In March, the company added catheters and adult disposable diapers to its offerings.

“We tend to focus on areas where other companies don't, whether that be pediatrics or incontinence,” said Hite.

Still, it takes consistency and persistency to establish relationships with referral sources, says Hite.

“New product lines take time to grow so there's never an immediate impact from that,” he said. “Our growth in the near term is existing product lines. The new product lines will drive our growth in two to three years.”

Aeroflow is also looking to expand its footprint, adding two or three additional branches in 2016.

“We're doing some small acquisitions,” said Hite. “They're probably going to get larger as we move forward.”

In 2014, the company acquired South Carolina-based Hometown Respiratory and Air-Care Home Health.


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