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Ascensia Diabetes goes toward future

Ascensia Diabetes goes toward future

PARSIPPANY, N.J. - Ascensia Diabetes Care has upgraded its Contour Diabetes app to help users self-manage their diabetes better by analyzing behavior patterns and suggesting new ones.

“This behavior-change approach helps patients understand what the trends are, what the data means, and then provides personalized feedback so they can make the changes that they need to,” said Robert Schumm, head of region Americas of Ascensia Diabetes Care.

Originally released in 2016 to connect to the Contour Next One meter and help users log their diet and exercise, the latest version uses algorithms to identify four different patterns: critical (extreme highs and lows requiring immediate medical attention), recent highs and lows, mealtimes and days of the week.

Once the patient is made aware of a negative trend, the app offers possible causes for the dip or spike, such as food, medicine or exercise, followed by recommendations on how to address the pattern. When the trend is corrected, the app motivates the patient with positive recognition.

“When we developed the product, we worked with a psychologist who studied chronic disease management and how patients got better outcomes,” said Schumm. “The model we used is called the Information, Motivation and Behavioral Skills (IMB) model and you need all three of these pieces to affect real change.”

Going forward, Schumm sees the app evolving to provide personalized coaching and disease management based on multiple sources of data, such as continuous monitoring data, exercise/activity data and blood pressure readings, not just blood glucose levels. He also sees that data being shared.

“We've come a long way in terms of blood glucose monitoring, but if everyone-healthcare professionals, nurses, caregivers-is able to see that data and use it effectively, you'll be able to provide better outcomes and get better results,” said Schumm. “That's where the future is going to be.”





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