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AvaCare Medical recognizes, rewards military

AvaCare Medical recognizes, rewards military

LAKEWOOD, N.J. - AvaCare Medical has found a way to express its appreciation twofold for veterans.

The AvaCare Medical Veterans Initiative offers a 10% discount on any purchase to all active, reserve or retired U.S. veterans and their immediate family members. Although Veterans Affairs offers certain benefits and services, it's falling short, says AvaCare CEO Steven Zeldes.

“There is a lot of stuff that's not covered or they aren't getting coverage,” he said. “For anybody that has to pay for anything out-of-pocket, it can get expensive. If we are able to help those vets in any we can, that's why we are offering this

As part of its commitment to veterans, the provider has also launched “Hero Rewards,” which encourages veterans to share stories of bravery for a chance to win a $250 gift card. Three winners will be drawn annually and some stories will be shared in a blog on AvaCare's website.

“It's our small way of showing recognition and giving them a forum to tell their story,” said Zeldes.

AvaCare has promoted the new program on social media and has begun contacting various veterans organizations. In the past, the provider has donated items to veterans and these organizations, he says.

AvaCare Medical, which offers a wide range of medical supplies and equipment for cash-paying customers, underwent a name change and major rebrand earlier this year.Helping veterans fits right in with its business model, says Zeldes.

“We're relevant to aging veterans and we felt we can really help them with products they need but don't know where to turn,” he said. “Our customer service reps can guide them to the right product.”


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