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Binding bids language heads to president's desk

Binding bids language heads to president's desk

WASHINGTON - The Senate on Tuesday passed a “doc fix” bill that contains binding bids language.

The House of Representatives passed a similar bill just before the Easter recess.

President Obama is expected to sign the bill into law, according to news reports.

The bill, which the Senate passed 92-8, staves off a 21.2% cut in payments to physicians.

The binding bids language in the bill has its roots in H.R. 284, which the House passed on March 16.

In addition to binding bids, H.R. 284 requires providers submitting bids as part of competitive bidding to prove they have met licensure requirements.

The reform comes too late for providers who submitted bids in the Round 2 re-compete, however. That bid window closed March 26.


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