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Buying Triggers: Find out why they chose you

Buying Triggers: Find out why they chose you Q. How do I discover my customer’s buying triggers?

A. The two key HME buying triggers are “the reason they need a product or service” and “why they choose your company over your competitor.” The first buying trigger is easy to obtain. The second, on the other hand, is not so simple.

Every customer you sell to will have a need or desire for the product you offer. That is true in every business across all industries. When the product is medically necessary, that data becomes drastically easier to capture. You need to capture the diagnosis or reason they need the equipment, the referring person, and the reason they are choosing your company. Using customer relationship management (CRM) software drastically improves access to this information and presents it in an actionable format. 

When a person walks through your doors with an undirected order for a product, or no order at all, asking them why they chose you can simply happen at checkout. Maybe their family has always patronized your company, or they have seen your billboards on the street. Generally, there are five or six common buying triggers that you can associate with this person. While it takes the extra step of simply asking how you heard of us, the answers will start to look familiar.

When a person is referred to you, you have to get in contact with the referral source, set up a time to connect with them and find out why they chose your agency. It requires some tenacity, but a competent sales person will find out what it was about your company, the patient, or the situation that made the referral source choose you. Each market is different, but you will begin to find the same emerging trends on why people are referring to you.

Jason Lewallen is national business development manager of PlayMaker CRM. Reach him at


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