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CEO Jeff Salter ‘closes the gap’

CEO Jeff Salter ‘closes the gap’

SAN ANTONIO – Jeff Salter, founder and CEO of Caring Senior Service, knew he wanted to visit each of the company’s 39 locations to celebrate its 30th anniversary, but he never thought he’d make the 9,400-mile journey on a bike.  

What started as a loose challenge by a colleague turned into a four-month journey to raise $100,000 to install grab bars in the homes of seniors, and beyond. 

“We thought, how could it be more than just a company celebrating 30 years and what does the next 30 years really look like for us?” said Salter. “That’s when we created the Close the Gap in Senior Care movement. 'Close the gap' comes from cyclists riding together. When they ride apart, they’re not as efficient. When they close the gap between themselves, they can ride faster, they can ride further, and they can accomplish more.” 

Salter, who pedaled between 80 to 100 miles a day through 30 states, says his electric bike was a symbol for the use and acceptance of assisted devices, not unlike grab bars, which tend to have a stigma.  

“Grab bars are something that could immediately impact families and we could help people today, tomorrow, and in the near future,” he said. “Falls are the leading cause of injury-related death amongst seniors. The lifespan after a hip fracture is extremely small, so that alone is something you want to keep people from experiencing."


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