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Customer financing: Make it easy to pay

Customer financing: Make it easy to pay Q. How can I empower customers to get the equipment and supplies they want and need?

A. Medical equipment and supplies can be expensive purchases and customers may face high out-of-pocket costs depending upon their insurance coverage. This can leave customers faced with hard decisions as they try to figure out how to pay for the equipment and supplies they want and need. They may:

• choose less expensive products or equipment that may not meet their medical needs,

• pay with a credit card they depend on for other expenses,

• shop around for the lowest cost product, or

• delay or decline their purchase all together.

Each of these decisions is an opportunity to make their payment experience better. As a medical supplier you have an opportunity to turn what can be a stressful or overwhelming decision into a positive financial experience. You can help your customers move forward with the equipment and supplies they want and need by giving them additional payment options. By adding a healthcare credit card financing option to your business, you can offer customers another way to pay.

In the era of healthcare consumerism, many customers are approaching their equipment and supply shopping experience the way they are approaching many of their other day-to-day purchases. Many customers want and need payment options that provide convenience and simplicity. And many customers want flexibility in how they pay and when they pay. If cost is a concern or a barrier, providing them an easy way to pay can empower them to move forward with a purchase. Additionally, you may even be able to offer them promotional financing and flexible monthly payments that fit within their budget. By improving their financial experience with you now, you can make it easier for them to buy their supplies and equipment from you in the future.

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