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Diabetes tech: Bring the pretty. Please

Diabetes tech: Bring the pretty. Please

You may recall that two months back, I bought an old school pedometer rather than the sexier Fitbit. This was primarily because I already track blood sugar, carbs and insulin with the aid of a glucometer and a phone app. And then only when I actually feel like inputting said data into the phone app.

Any more data, using yet another device, would have made my head explode.

Fast forward to a recent conversation I had with Andy Flanagan, CEO of Telcare, which has created a blood glucose meter that allows you to enter all of the above, in real-time, and can also take input from other sources (re: Fitbit), all with little effort on the part of the user.

Editor Liz handed back my story with the comment: What do YOU think of all this capability?

Well, Liz, I think it's amazing, and I think it's long overdue. In fact, I blogged about the company nearly three years ago when they first appeared on the horizon.

The company's mission, as Flanagan told me, is to simplify life for somebody living with diabetes with as few touches as possible.

What's not to love?

Also, I won't lie. Looks matter. I used to wonder why Steve Jobs couldn't throw his genius into medical devices so that users could gain sophisticated technology in a pretty package.

Maybe I shouldn't complain. I've read descriptions of the first glucometers marked for home use (circa 1981) as a brick. Which would be real heavy to carry in my purse.

If the Telcare adds Pandora or another music service, I'm all in!


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