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Dios Mio! Diabetes from Maine to the Dominican Republic

Dios Mio! Diabetes from Maine to the Dominican Republic

I really didn't want to go on my after-work walk yesterday, but I am really trying to make it a habit. Plus, our office manager was handing out Klondike Bars and while I usually say no to such enticements, yesterday I decided to go for it (mistake 1).

So for the third day in a row, I laced on my sneakers and hit the sidewalk. Three minutes in, I realized I hadn't checked my sugar before leaving (mistake number 2). I pressed on (mistake number 3).

After making it as far as the library, I suspected a low, so headed back home, by which time I was definitely feeling weird. BG? 48. It should have been around 100-120. That's low enough I'm lucky I didn't wander into traffic. It's discouraging, on day 3, to have exactly the minor setback I fear.

But I am fortunate that I have had education and the resources to deal with all that diabetes throws at me. Others are not so fortunate, especially in poor countries.

I am sure many of you remember Sam Jarczynski, former president of RxStat in Florida. Sam's son Joe has T1D like me, something Sam and I have discussed once or twice. Like me, Joe has the resources and education he needs to manage his diabetes. Unlike me, he's embarking on something much bigger than a walking program this summer.

Joe and his brother, Jake, are headed to the Dominican Republic next month to volunteer at Campo Amigo, a diabetes education camp for kids and their families, where those kids will learn to inject their own insulin, and maintain healthy blood sugars while staying active (uh, better than I did last night).

Did you know that in the Dominican Republic children with diabetes can have an average BG of more than 350? Do you know how sick those kids must feel all the time? I do.

Joe and Jake are raising money for their trip. They are about a third of the way to their goal of $11,400 and their deadline is June 13.

If you care to make a donation to this worthy cause, por favor, do so here.

Or here: AYUDA Inc, 1700 N Moore St, Suite 2000, Arlington VA 22209 (checks payable to AYUDA with Joe and Jake's names in the memo).

Hell, I'll even throw in Dad's email in case you have questions or just wanna say “hey!” I'm sure he won't mind: [email protected]

For more about AYUDA, the non-profit org behind Camp Amigo, visit their website.

Theresa Flaherty, TD1


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