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Drive gets inspired by rehab

Drive gets inspired by rehab

PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y. - Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare will combine three of its rehab companies into one larger company called Inspired by Drive.

Together, the three companies—Columbia Medical, Specialized Orthotic Services and Wenzelite Rehab—have been contributors to the adult and pediatric rehab markets for more than 70 years.

Initially, Inspired by Drive will focus on enhancing existing products and creating new products in three pediatric rehab categories: alternative positioning, bathing/toileting and mobility. Longer term, the company will expand its product offerings into more complex rehab categories.

The headquarters for Inspired by Drive will be Columbia Medical's current location in Sante Fe Springs, Calif.

Drive bought Columbia Medical, a manufacturer of pediatric wheelchairs, aircraft transfer chairs, bath and shower products, gait trainers and car seats, in 2015. It also bought U.K.-based SOS, the manufacturer of the P Pod, Nessie and other postural seating systems, that same year.

Drive bought Wenzelite Rehab, which manufacturers a full line of mobility and seating products for children, tens and adults with special needs, in 2003.

Last year, company officials said the addition of Columbia Medical and SOS to Wenzelite Rehab would help Drive make rehab more of a focus.


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