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Ending on a high note

Ending on a high note

It's not everyday someone who has such close ties to the HME industry gets appointed to a top post like secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services.

I mean, has it happened, ever?

Managing Editor Theresa Flaherty talked to industry stakeholders on what it might mean to have Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., as HHS secretary. That story will be in Monday's HME Newswire, but here's a sneak peak.

I was talking to Seth Johnson of Pride Mobility Products this week about a complex rehab-related provision that has made it into the 21st Century Cures Act and I asked him about Price, too. Johnson said it'll be great to have Price in the top post for obvious reasons (his disdain for the current competitive bidding program, for example) but also everyday reasons (his disdain for the overall inefficiency and ineffectiveness of Medicare, for example).

“President-elect Donald Trump has said he's going to ask his cabinet officials to review all the regulations that have recently been put out, so I think that there's some work that could be done to ease the burden on providers that could also take place next year under Price,” he said.

It was also interesting to see how those not as familiar with Price covered the announcement.

Tom Price: The CliffsNotes version

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Providers on twitter were also reacting to the announcement this week. This from Tyler Riddle, a provider in Georgia:

“Odd that twitter is freaking out over the Price appointment, yet everyone I've spoken to that works in health care is cheering (thinking man emoji) #hhs.”

Or this from Gary Sheehan, a provider in Massachusetts, who's already crafting a to-do list for Price's first days in office:

“Not enough for Dr. Price to revamp flawed bidding program. Must rid agency of architects & enablers of policy, ensure never craft regs again.”

I suggest the HME industry end the week on this high note, shall we?


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