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Engaged Technology: Connect the circle

Engaged Technology: Connect the circle Q. What are care circles?

A. As we live longer, it is normal to experience mild memory loss, and to be aware of the unfortunate consequence of cognitive decline and diagnosis of dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Care technology can manage, monitor, personalize, predict trends and modify behavior that will assist seniors with declining memory with engagement and support. An engaged and connected care circle increases the time one can age-in-place and receive the needed support of caregivers and family.
The evolution of the care circle plays an important role in promoting and maintaining care-related engagement. For those that watched Little House on the Prairie, the care circle was the community and Dr. Hiram Baker, all within a horse ride when needed.
Today, a dynamic care circle enabled by a SaaS platform and connected to mobile and IoT devices can manage the data, daily tasks and activities, and provide an easily customizable, HIPAA-compliant, bi-directional care platform—across websites, smart phones, iPads, etc.—assisting care recipients and the care network in providing real-time care and collaboration.
Care circles deliver an elegant, personalized and connected experience before, during and after care episodes. The list of features is expanding, but here are some of the most popular: real-time health data and repository, adherence to medication and care plans, calendaring and communication (text, voice, video, virtual), patient engagement/education and care protocols/discharge.
Senior-centric connectivity provides the patient with the peace of mind that everyone in their healthcare team is always on the same page.


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