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Fox fiddles fraud story while provider burns

Fox fiddles fraud story while provider burns

Provider Dallas Jackson got a rude awakening this morning. It seems Fox News is doing a piece comparing Medicare reimbursement for DME like hospital beds to—you guessed it—Internet pricing.

The piece said Medicare often paid thousands for a bed that could be bought online for $1,000, said Jackson.

What really burns Jackson, an accredited provider with 10 years in the industry? He advertises on Fox. A lot.

"Everybody says 'Oh, you're the man from the medical company," said Jackson, who owns 3 California locations. "Now, ,Fox is making me out to be a crook."

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Jackson, was already drafting a letter to let them know they had it all wrong.

"I told them what our cost is and what it takes to get a bed from us to them and assembled and their furniture moved and in-servicing," said Jackson. "And, then the reverse on the other end and the patient only has it a month. Do you want to charge the American public $1,000 for a hospital bed they only need for a week?"

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Jackson planned to notify industry groups like the California Association of Medical Equipment Suppliers and the VGM Group to let them know about the latest mainstream media outrage, for what it's worth, he said.

"It's hard for an individual guy out here in Vacaville" said Jackson. "They are not getting enough feedback from the industry."

I couldn't find the segment on the Internet, but AAHomecare seems to have. In an email blast the association says: To express your thoughts to Fox (please be polite and share your own personal perspective as a provider), contact Steve Doocy at Fox News, 212-301-3033 ( and William La Jeunesse, the correspondent, at 310-571-2000 (
Go for it. Loudly.

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