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Freak people out and say hi

Freak people out and say hi

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) had its annual conference in New Orleans recently. I wish I could have attended.

I followed much of the activity via Twitter and read many of the Tweets from attendees at different sessions. Each would include a quote nugget they found of interest to share.

One I read today was something stated by a speaker. "Be a disruptor in HR by freaking people out and saying hi to everyone you see".

When I read that, I got kind of sad, but realized that the simple things I was taught as a kid are now considered a "disruptor". Then I reflected on an experience I just had at a client's office. I arrived early so I could observe people getting to work. I watched as one of the VP's entered the office and did not acknowledge a single person on the way to her office. I held a management training session later in the day and called her out. Hey, conflict is healthy if it helps us grow. I told her what I observed and challenged her that the team she manages will never be fully engaged, pursue excellence, and try and be the best they can be if they do not feel like she cares about them personally. A simple smile and "good morning" would have gone a long way.

So, I guess the speaker was not entirely out of place calling "hi" a disruptor.

Thanks Mom and Dad for preparing me to be "cutting edge".

With warmest regards,

Richard Davis, SPHR, SHRM-SCP



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