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Fuller targets complex rehab

Fuller targets complex rehab

RINGGOLD, Ga. - Scott Higley, who helped The Scooter Store launch its complex rehab division, is now helping Fuller Rehabilitation increase its presence in that market.

Higley has joined Fuller Rehab as senior vice president of market and business development, with an eye toward growing the provider's product mix beyond standard power wheelchairs.

"Scott has a lot of experience," said Carter Fuller, president and CEO. "Complex rehab is an important segment and we need to align our company to meet that need."

Higley will also help Fuller Rehab grow its geographic footprint. Currently, the provider has 17 locations, largely in the Southeast. Its newest location is in Austin, Texas.

One key to Fuller Rehab's growth will be its employees. Higley plans to ramp up the number of ATPs and sales representatives on staff.

"The most important thing we can do right now is hire the right people," Higley said.

Still, Fuller Rehab has no plans to abandon its roots in standard power wheelchairs.

"It gets a bad rep," Fuller said. "People don't understand that there are patients that really need that equipment. With a 36% cut, it's been tough, but man, the patients, they're such good people."


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