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'The future is outcomes data'

'The future is outcomes data'

YARMOUTH, Maine - Sixty-three percent of the respondents to a recent HME Newspoll say they use outcomes data to market themselves to referral sources.

The type of data that they feel is most important: clinical data (33%).

“Clinical outcomes are the benchmark of effective and efficient health care,” wrote one respondent. “No matter how good the salesperson, or the equipment design or ease of use—if the patient isn't better off, what do all the features and benefits matter?”

Respondents say they also believe patient satisfaction data (29%), readmission data (19%) and patient compliance data (19%) are important.

Those HME providers offering outcomes data have a receptive audience in referral sources. Fifty-four percent of referral sources say they like to see outcomes data from providers, according to recent research conducted by Emerge Sales and HME News.

Furthermore, 63% of referral sources say the availability of outcomes data sways them to use one HME provider over another.

“We use it as a differentiating quality,” wrote respondent Joe Dietlin of Pediatric Home Service in Roseville, Minn. “Also, our partners want to see it.”

The type of data that referral sources feel is most important is readmission data (70%), followed by patient satisfaction data (67%), patient compliance data (60%) and clinical data (51%), according to the research.

As for those respondents who don't currently use outcomes data to market themselves—83% say they plan to change their ways.

“The future is here and the future is outcomes data,” wrote one respondent.

Still, some HME providers would rather invest their dollars elsewhere.

“We haven't been able to set aside capital to purchase a better software solution or record keeping of patient outcomes,” wrote one respondent. “We've put a higher emphasis on continuing to expand our base of retail/self-pay consumers.”


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