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Getting an education

Getting an education

As the new director of clinical application for The ROHO Institute for Education, Liz Cole wears many hats, including developing educational materials and providing clinical support to the company's various departments. HME News recently spoke to Cole about ROHO's online education initiative.

HME News: When it comes to clinical education, what's the biggest misconception? 

Liz Cole: I think that one of the biggest misconceptions is that we, or anyone else, can provide black and white answers when it comes to providing seating and mobility products. Even the best educational experience or materials cannot provide formulas to say that for a client with “A, B and C” you should provide “X, Y and Z.” Education can provide a solid foundation, however, nothing can substitute a thorough client evaluation followed by critical thinking and analysis of each person's specific capabilities and needs.

HME: Can you tell me a little about the ROHO online education initiative? 

Cole: In the past, the ROHO Institute had an online education platform geared toward distance learning for nurses, physicians and therapists involved in complex rehab equipment and the management of chronic wounds. However, we had issues with this platform and took it down until we could find one with a more robust user interface. Since that time, ROHO was bought by Permobil and we now have an even greater opportunity to have a global online education platform. Our goal is to have one source for the educational programs and materials we provide for end users, providers and ROHO/Permobil personnel.


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