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In March, HME News sent out a best practices survey to its readers. The results of the seven-question survey—completed by 197 people, most of them providers— is a goldmine. Here's why: The questions were open ended, not multiple choice. That means, for each question,  we have dozens of insightful comments on everything from strategies for reducing service calls to improving efficiency.

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When asked about generating revenue in new, innovative or unexpected ways, for example, respondents commented:

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Delivery personnel are trained to work as "direct sales" staff. They're in the patients' homes and can suggest/offer products that would improve/help meet the their medical condition.

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(We place) orthotics at outpatient surgery centers/ TENS units at rehab centers; call CPAP patients for downstream supply revenue; and place nebulizers in pediatric offices with our paperwork and company folder. The revenue has been amazing (albeit) a bit seasonal.

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Stir of Echoes: The Homecoming move Survey results will be shared with attendees of the HME Business Summit and discussed as part of several presentations given by industry consultants Vince Crew, Louis Feuer, Ty Bello and Sarah Hanna.

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Come and get it.

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