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Google HME News with your phone at your own risk

Google HME News with your phone at your own risk

If you haven't heard, Google wants you to make your website mobile friendly. In other words, if Mrs. Smith Googles you on her iPhone, your website wants to be formatted so it's user-friendly and readable on that teeny tiny screen.

Alas, this is not something the HME News website currently does, a fact that I've bemoaned to Editor Liz Beaulieu a few times over the past several months—probably every time (OK, all 3 of them) I have a conferred with a company that has made the switch.

In fact, I think I shot her an email just last week about this, in response to her email to me about all the hulaboo surrounding said Google change.

She ignored me.

In working on a story about the so-called “Mobilegeddon” this week, a provider helpfully alerted me that Google analytics allows me to check and see how many of our dear readers use mobile devices vs. desktop computers to get the latest news. (Hey, I am usually pulling story stats, not parsing user behavior.)

I guess we (meaning Pete, the tech guru) needn't panic yet. It appears 75% of our readers still pull us up on the desktop while 22% use their phones and a mere 6% use tablets.

Fun fact: The majority of those phone users, by far, use iPhones.

So if you are trying to read this blog by incessantly scrolling back and forth on a tiny screen I apologize (I also hope you're not driving).

If, like me, you prefer to do your online reading in a bigger, more neck-friendly format, enjoy!

Theresa Flaherty


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