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HME dealmaking off to slow start

HME dealmaking off to slow start

I love how The Braff Group thinks.

It noticed last June a particularly low deal count for the HME industry in the first quarter of 2015. But it also noticed a low deal count for the other healthcare sectors it tracks.

So it asked itself, how much of the fourth quarter to first quarter decline was a lull in dealmaking as the New Year kicked off?

I'll let The Braff Group explain:

“To answer this, we first added up all the deals completed in a particular quarter since 2001. Then, to adjust for the possibility that a surge of volume in a particular quarter in a particular year might distort these figures, we simply ranked each quarter for each year based on the number of deals completed. This way, it doesn't matter how many more deals were completed in one period vs. another, just now each period compared to another.”

The results:


What does The Braff Group make of all this?

“Clearly, the second half of the year produces more deals than the first, but not by much,” it says. “That means that, while some of the quarter to quarter fall-off in HME dealmaking may be due to natural rhythms in M&A, there's more at work here than the calendar.”

The $64-million question: What's at work here?

See the full analysis in The Braff Group M&A Insider on page 23 of the July issue of HME News.


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