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Hot stuff? The seed of an idea goes a long way

Hot stuff? The seed of an idea goes a long way

Despite 90-degree temperatures over the weekend that made us hardy Mainers wilt like so many hothouse flowers, I managed to get my "crops" planted. I planted green and jalapeno peppers and a san marzano tomato plant which was supposed to be a roma plant but I grabbed the wrong kind. I also planted a few cilantro sprigs but didn't want to commit too much cause I heard it's difficult to grow. I may add a cucumber but the whole vining trail trellis thing is a little intimidating.

All that lugging of pots, plants and watering cans made for an active day, which made for some damn fine blood sugar readings. My fresh veggies, when harvested, will also contribute to good health.

I often like to use this blog to educate (and hopefullly, entertain) people on diabetes as well as clean, healthy eating.

Today, I spoke with provider Tom Wilson who also plans to use himself as a role model of sorts. He and his wife are building a state-of-the-art model aging-in-place home, which they plan to eventually move into and document and share the process as they go. Wilson said he's always believed that as a provider of HME he should also be a provider of information, a resource for patients and their caregivers and anyone else who's listening.

I think a lot of providers that I speak with would agree with that, but I am concerned that a lot of that will go away come July 1, along with a lot of providers. Still, as Wilson's story (when I write it) will illustrate, there are always new ideas cooking out there.

Speaking of cooking, what do the plants I've put in so far have in common? Salsa! Which means I still need to go back to the greenhouse and get a roma tomato.

I will, however, welcome input on what to make with san marzanos.

Theresa Flaherty


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