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It's not about the mashies

It's not about the mashies

Last week, in anticipation of a celebratory dinner (yay, we survived Medtrade), my coworkers were talking about how they weren't going to eat much that day so they could, well, stuff themselves at the restaurant. My suggestion was to eat sensibly all day (they all tend to, for the most part), and then—wait for it—eat sensibly at dinner as well.

Needless to say, that went over like fish in an office microwave (I'm looking at you, Editor Liz).

But answer me this: Why must a celebration be all about the food, and large quantities of it at that? Why knowingly eat so much that, diabetes or not, you won't feel all that great afterward?

This applies to Thanksgiving as well. Is it really all about the food? Because to me, that would be sad if one's biggest enjoyment of the day was the mashies and butter or the pumpkin pie.

Yes, I look forward to turkey (about 3 oz), mashed potatoes, stuffing, etc (small servings). I'll probably eat more refined carbs in one meal then I do in an entire month, and I'll have the insulin dose to prove it. (I'll probably also have salad because green bean casserole just isn't my thing.)

I might even have pie.

But, I'm not wearing "fat pants" to the table. I don't plan on lolling uncomfortably on the couch all afternoon, antacids clutched in hand. Actually, we'll probably head to the beach for some fresh air, but definitely no swimming, I don't care how far south Cape Cod is from where I sit.

Yup. Sounds like a plan.

Theresa Flaherty, Type 1 diabetes


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