Ki Mobility software lets ATPs take clients with them

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

STEVENS POINT, Wis. – When wheelchair manufacturers create a new product, it’s not uncommon for them to give a few samples to get feedback. With Ki Mobility’s new Complex Rehab Systems (CRS) platform, they worked directly with National Seating & Mobility’s ATP for four years before launching.  
“In a software product, we need beta testers," said Doug Munsey, president. “We want to know what someone who didn’t design it, what they want to do with it, how they want to use it. There’s a variety of different elements that we can’t predict.” 
The CRS platform allows ATPs to collect detailed electronic records to assist in the design, documentation, review and justification of custom mobility solutions. This includes the ability to capture a 3D scan of the client, providing measure points or planes for reference when designing a client’s custom mobility solution, which is handy for social distancing. 
“All of your clients are now in your briefcase, so if you need to look up a new piece of information or order a different part, you don’t have to drive back out to someone’s house or they don’t have to make another trip into the clinic,” said Munsey. “So it saves a lot of time.” 
The platform, which is exclusive to NSM for one year, isn’t in its final form by any means.  
“There’s a lot of additional features and functions and capabilities that we want to give to the software, so that it’ll be even more effective for clinicians and ATPs,” said Munsey.  
For example, Ki Mobility recently added a new update that can measure angles, such as the angle between the lower and upper arm. 
“We have three or four of those, so determining angles is very valuable for an ATP,” said Munsey.