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Makers of CPAP cleaning devices respond

Makers of CPAP cleaning devices respond

YARMOUTH, Maine - SoClean will cover the cost of repairs for three years “in the unlikely event” that ozone from its product damages ResMed's AirSense 10.

SoClean told its partners in a letter that if a patient uses its cleaning device with an AirSense 10 that was purchased on or after Feb. 1, the company will cover the cost to repair the CPAP device during the initial two-year warranty period “in the unlikely event the AirSense 10 shows validated damage consistent with the use of ozone from our product.” It will also cover the cost to repair the AirSense 10 for an additional year, for a total of three years of coverage.

"SoClean is used by nearly 2 million patients, which speaks to SoClean's reliability and equipment compatibility,” the company said in a statement to HME News. “We stand behind our product, and our customer care center is always ready to answer any questions that our customers may have."

In the letter, SoClean advises partners to visit for details on how to register for the coverage.


VirtuOx, maker of the VirtuCLEAN 2.0, which also uses ozone, will replace any water chamber, tubing and/or mask within the replacement schedule timeframe, if certain requirements are met, starting Feb. 1.

Those requirements: proof of purchase of VirtuCLEAN device; proof of purchase or delivery ticket of supplies; and proof of denial from CPAP manufacturer of in-warranty replacement of mask, tubing and/or water chamber due to ozone usage.

“If the above three items are sent to Healthcare Logix Systems (HLS), a sister company to VirtuOx, then we will provide the customer with an exact replacement,” the company states in its policy.

VirtuOx says the policy does not apply to the CPAP device, itself, as the VirtuCLEAN 2.0 does not run ozone through the device.


In response to ResMed, Sleep8, which also uses ozone, said that because its device does not cause ozone to flow directly into a CPAP device, the letter is not relevant to its device.

“We designed this device with specific safety and manufacturer warranty guidelines in mind and as such have designed our device only as a supportive piece of equipment for disposable CPAP masks and accessories,” the company stated in an email.

Responsive Respiratory

Responsive Respiratory also said the letter is not relevant to its device, the Purify O3 sanitizer, which also uses ozone.

"Purify O3 sanitizes the mask, tubing and humidification chamber in a separate bag or container after they have been disconnected from the PAP machine and does not connect to the PAP unit itself," the company stated in a letter to its customers.


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