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Merchandising: Change it up

Merchandising: Change it up Q. What are inexpensive ideas to freshen up the look of my store?

A. Keeping your store looking good is so important and it doesn't have to cost much. If you ever shop at Costco, you'll notice that they are continuously moving merchandise around. Giving their customers a new look on a regular basis provides Costco with the ability to regularly force their customers to pay attention to product offerings. This rotation policy allows Costco to look fresh at a very low cost.
For your HME store, consider moving entire departments a few times a year.  (This is easier if you do not have department signage on the walls.)  If you have window displays, change them up on a regular basis. If you have in-store banners or signs, move them around. Risers and cubes are a great way to add dimensionality in your store, so change the merchandise on these platforms every once in a while.
I like vendor POP displays, especially those from Golden Technologies. The lift chair and scooter towers are great displays. Move them around and consider adding a few new displays or banners to create a fresh, new look. If you currently exhibit lift chairs back-to-back, why not reverse that and show them in an inward-facing oval?
The cash wrap is a high impact area. Consider changing up the countertop displays for impulse items. Maybe even move a register or two to create a fresh look. If nothing else, it will give you a chance to dust under the registers!
If you have some money to spiff up your store, a new paint color can work wonders. How long are you going to look at that tattered and stained carpeting? New flooring can have a big impact. Finally, a new building sign can be a big draw for new customers.
Keeping fresh doesn't mean having to shell out big bucks, but it does require careful thinking.
Wayne Slavitt is founder & CEO of Mobul. Reach him at


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