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Merchandising: Make your store POP

Merchandising: Make your store POP Q. Some of my vendors want to send me point-of-purchase materials for my store. How do I decide which ones would be most effective?

A. If your vendors want to send you POP materials, be happy. Only a handful of HME vendors understand retail and the need to help you be “retail friendly.”

There are a variety of POP materials available, including hanging banners, floor-stand banners, signage, floor displays, countertop displays, brochures, brochure holders and video displays.

The most important question to ask when deciding which POP materials will work for your store is “Will the materials enhance my overall look or detract from it?” And, while look is critical, ultimately, POP materials should increase sales. 

A graphically interesting banner could really make your window look sharp, but, if the banner is too large, it could block out sunlight. I like floor-standing banners as you can easily move them around. Vendor signage should be easy-to-read with interesting graphics.

Floor displays can serve a dual purpose as both an advertising medium and a storage mechanism. Countertop displays allow you to promote smaller merchandise for impulse purchase at check out. Brochures and brochure holders are great ways to attractively provide customers with product information. Your store information should be printed on these brochures or displayed with a label.

Vendor-produced videos can provide customers with valuable information without the need for a salesperson. Make sure your store information is tagged in any video for personalization.

Not sure what POP materials your vendors have available? Just ask. You may be surprised.

Wayne Slavitt is founder & CEO of Mobul. Reach him at [email protected]


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