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Mickey Letson's back in business.

Mickey Letson's back in business.

A little over two years after he sold Letco, a high profile distributor of respiratory drugs and related products, to the Harvard Drug Group, he's running a technology company, Dream Software, and developing products intended to make HME providers more efficient.

"Everything we are doing here is built around one thing: We believe for you to survive long term, you have to generate more revenue and service more patients with less people," Letson said. "If you can't do that, you will never survive the next 10-year transition."

Letson acquired WDE Solutions in April and renamed it Dream Software. The company's first product, Dream Sales Tool, helps HME companies manage their sales teams and improve performance, allowing managers and reps to determine: average sales calls a day per rep; which programs generate the most revenue; seasonal selling opportunities; and much more, Letson said.

The company's second product, Dream Referral, should be out sometime this fall. It's designed to walk a physician through the DME prescription process to make sure it's completed correctly the first time.

"You can deliver or ship your products and bill the insurance provider the same day," Letson said. "There's no more chasing paperwork."

Both products are Web based.

After selling Letco to Harvard, Letson stayed on as a shareholder and to help manage the company. He left Harvard last January.

"I told someone the other day that I stayed retired for about two months and just about went crazy," he said.


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