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Miller’s mindset: ‘We’re committed to figuring it out’

Miller’s mindset: ‘We’re committed to figuring it out’

Miller'sAKRON, Ohio – Miller's is celebrating 75 years in business this year and while the company has changed in many, many ways, it remains “fiercely committed” to remaining a company that is family-, locally- and Ohio-owned, says Johnny Miller. 

Here’s what Miller, president, had to say about the company’s past, present and future. 

HME News: How has Miller’s evolved over the years, from a business providing party rentals to focusing on complex rehab technology? 

Johnny Miller: In the 90s, we split the companies in two – one for party rentals and one for DME – and then in July of 2019, we exited the basic DME business to focus on CRT. There’s a wheelchair in our logo – it's what we’re best known for. We are also committed to complex respiratory and home access. We also still have Miller’s Adaptive Technologies, which is a division that sells head rests, specialty hardware and other supports to other CRT providers. 

HME: When you think about the last two decades in the HME industry, it’s been particularly tough. How has Miller’s weathered the challenges? 

Miller: I think we did it by staying focused on the client and customer service. When we look at how the company has evolved, in terms of the products it provides, they’re not commodities. It’s not stuff you can get on Amazon. But really, we’ve successfully navigated the challenges because there was no other option. We’re committed and so is our staff – many of them have been with us for 30-plus years – and we’re committed to the mindset of figuring it out. And we succeeded despite everything. 

HME: You’ve also been part of the solution, as someone who has been on the boards of OAMES and NCART, and who has been involved with AAHomecare and VGM & Associates. 

Miller: We’ve been actively engaged. Being part of the industry in that way has given us an advantage. We’re in the know and one step ahead of what’s happening, and we also benefit from their assistance in getting through it all. 

HME: What excites you most about the company’s future? I know when we talked to you about the new office in Columbus, Ohio, you mentioned that the company had a new growth mindset. 

Miller: We’re excited about the Columbus office and its success so far, and we’re going to look to continue expanding, particularly our home access department, which is an area of high demand. CRT is nice in that it has a clientele that’s many ages and the same is true for home access. We’re very bullish on home access and CPAP.


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