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Mobile Solutions: Don't fix what isn't broken

Mobile Solutions: Don't fix what isn't broken Q. Okay, I see the business benefits�but does it positively affect my patients?

A. We can all agree that operational success may keep an organization running, but it's the quality of customer care that keeps it in business. However, the two are not always mutually exclusive. Often times, efficient logistics management of a HME provider can drive excellent patient care.

The benefits of implementing a mobile solution can also improve your organization's customer service. From creating a paperless environment to optimizing delivery routes, providers are able to enhance the relationship with their patients in the following ways:

• When a technician is able to worry less about capturing multiple signatures or shuffling through a stack of forms, they are able to focus more attention on the customer, answering questions and setting up the equipment.

• Creating the most efficient route allows drivers to spend more time with each patient during delivery and can also enable patients to receive their equipment sooner.

• Tracking technicians in real time enables dispatchers and customer service representatives to communicate accurate estimated times of arrival to patients and quickly answer questions without a lengthy game of phone tag. This also allows the dispatcher to schedule those last minute or urgent orders because of the enhanced visibility.

• Inventory management through a mobile application provides dispatchers or warehouse managers with the most up-to-date information of what equipment is being delivered. Serial numbers and lot numbers captured during delivery will keep your inventory accurate.

Throughout this series several benefits of implementing a mobile solution into your HME business have been discussed, yet we've only just scratched the surface. The investment of a mobile software can bring about lasting and positive effects on your organization that stretch far beyond streamlining operational efficiencies.

So if you're looking to eliminate unnecessary costs, refine logistics management or amplify your customer service, consider switching to a mobile logistics solution for the success of your organization.


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