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MobilityWorks marks 25 years

MobilityWorks marks 25 years Growing company sees increased awareness, keeps eye on electric vehicles

MobilityWorks marks 25 years

CLEVELAND - When MobilityWorks opened its doors in 1997, choices for wheelchair accessible vehicles were limited. If you didn’t live near a dealer, you were out of luck, unless you had a very good mechanic, says Bryan Everett, CEO. 

“You think back 25 years ago when we started, there really weren’t dealers that had more than one location or two,” he said. “The dealer network was really nonexistent.”  

Today, MobilityWorks has more than 90 wheelchair accessible vehicle showroom locations across the country—and counting—to meet the increasing demand for mobility solutions. 

More recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented a number of challenges, but it has also increased awareness of the importance of wheelchair accessible vehicles, Everett says. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic really spooked a lot of people with long-term care facilities and so there's been more of a desire to age in place,” he said.” COVID has increased people’s interest in being independent and mobile.” 

To keep its fingers on the pulse of customers, every single morning the executive team and store managers read every client comment from the day before, Everett says. 

“We to try and understand where did we fall short yesterday that we need to improve and where did we do a great job that we need to recognize and thank that local team,” he said. 

Looking forward, MobilityWorks is making sure it’s prepared for the expansion of electric vehicles and autonomous driving, Everett says. 

“The big original equipment manufacturers for Mercedes, Chrysler, GM – they're saying we're headed towards an all-electric future and so that's going to impact our industry,” he said. “I think whoever’s sitting in your chair and in my chair in the next 25 years, when we’re celebrating 50 years, will be (talking) about autonomous driving and electrification.”


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