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NCART seeks info from 'front lines'

NCART seeks info from 'front lines'

WASHINGTON - NCART is conducting a “National CRT Medicaid Survey” to gather information on complex rehab bases, accessories and repairs at the state level.

The purpose: identify states with access issues and use that data to support efforts to pass separate benefit recognition legislation in individual states.

“There might be some basic DME policies on the Medicaid website, but they don't drill down to the level of complex rehab items,” said Don Clayback, executive director of NCART. “So that's really our focus: people who are on the front lines and can give us up-to-date and accurate information.”

The last time NCART conducted a national survey was in 2010.

The survey, launched in November and available at, asks complex rehab providers questions about payment rates, claims submissions and prior approval processing.The survey also includes open-ended questions, such as: What are the top issues in your state that are limiting complex rehab access?

Those who wish to participate in the survey have until Dec. 2. They will receive a copy of the results.

While the results won't impact legislation at the federal level, they will facilitate ongoing work on a state level.

“CRT legislation at the state level is a whole different animal,” said Clayback. “Because each state program is different, it's not governed by the Social Security Act like the Medicare benefit is, so we don't look at it as creating a separate benefit category, we look at it as creating separate benefit recognition. And that recognition will provide a sound policy around coverage, payment rates and supplier standards.”

To date, Washington, Colorado, Connecticut, Oklahoma and, most recently, Illinois, have successfully passed separate benefit recognition legislation. Efforts are under way to do the same in New York, where a bill has been introduced, and in Florida, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin.


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